The Best and Worst Beverages for Hydration


Fruit liqueur

Fruit juice is very hydrating because it is largely composed of water (only make sure it is 100% fruit juice).


The best caffeine-free teas are those made simply by steeping leaves in hot water.

Coconut water

Better than fruit juice, coconut water has a water content of 95%.


Soft drinks frequently contain caffeine, which contributes to dehydration, as well as large amounts of sugar and sodium. It is also unhealthy for your bones and teeth.

sports beverages

We were dubious because advertisements extol the hydrating virtues of sports beverages like Gatorade.They are, nevertheless, on to something.

water with fruit flavor

Fruit infusions are a healthy method to flavor water without adding sugar if you find it difficult to drink plain water all day.


Surprised? The best approach to hydrate is with plain water; there is no need for hesitation.